When it comes to the disturbing issue of sex trafficking, Arizona ranks 14th in the country, with numerous reports made to the national hotline. Last year, Pima County alone reported 36 children falling victim to this crime.

Bri Pacelli had the privilege of speaking to an advocate who is not just fighting against sex trafficking, but is also a survivor herself.

CEO of Power Over Predators Lisa Hansen shared her journey of involvement with sex trafficking.

“It actually started with child abusechild sexual abuse at the age of four,” revealed Hansen, who was also born and raised in Tucson.

Hansen explained her story is not a typical tale of trafficking. It began with abuse, leading to her running away and eventually becoming involved in trafficking.

“You know, I wasn’t kidnapped; I didn’t have a pimp. It was the whole form of being a homeless youth on the streets in survival mode, doing whatever I could to survive the situation,” Hansen recalled.

Hansen disclosed that it was the birth of her son that helped her escape this life.

“The wherewithal that I had something precious and something valuable that I needed to take care of just gave me a whole new reason to live, and I knew that I was not going to bring a child up in the world that I was living in,” she admitted.

For the past 25 years, Hansen has become an unwavering advocate for the fight against sex trafficking. In 2015, she founded Power Over Predators, an organization dedicated to helping kids recognize in-person and online abuse. It also empowers children with the skills to protect themselves from victimization.

“Prevention is where it’s got to start; it’s the last place that we do start. We focus on all these other things to do for victims, but what if we could prevent them from being victims?” Hansen passionately advocates.

Power Over Predators aims to prevent children from falling prey to sex trafficking, rather than helping them when its too late.

“I personally believe we’re in this crisis that were in because we lost the value of a human life; I mean, our kids are for sale,” Hansen expressed.

Power Over Predators has upcoming plans to visit Canyon del Oro High School during the first week of November. For more information or to seek help, you can also visit their website.