The 22nd Street Gem Show has been coming to the Southside for over a decade, bringing in thousands of people from all over the world.

Its half-mile tent off of 22nd St and I10 hosted hundreds of gem, mineral and fossil vendors on Thursday.

And on the other side of the property sits yet another tent used for a more luxury showcase experience.

It was Cody Barthol’s first time at there as well as his first time in Arizona.

Im probably going to go home with pockets full of pebbles, he joked.

He works for Colorado-based company Triebold Paleontology Inc, a regular vendor at Tucson Gem. They restore dinosaur fossils and create replicas for clients.

Now, the projects are taking a more modern approach, cutting design time from six weeks to six hours.

Everything on this table has been 3D printed,” he said, gesturing to the display. “And that has only been made possible with the recent developments weve been pursuing with 3D technology.”

The entire event is a collector’s playground, with some even bringing carts to load their new treasures.

22nd Street wasn’t the only event that opened Monday seven others also made appearances, including Pueblo Gem and Enter the Earth.

Its probably the best place Ive ever been, said 11-year-old Peaches Farrell.

That sentiment means a lot coming from a young girl who has lived all over the country. She has her own collection of rare objects at home, especially the ones the sparkle.

“Her mom, when she was younger, collected bones and she saved them in a little box and then she gave them to her,” said dad Chris Farrell. “Ever since, she’s been interested in collecting.”

The dad-and-daughter duo came to the gem show for the first time last year when their family moved to Tucson, and they plan to make it an annual tradition.

“This is just the first of many stops, said Chris.

The two were hoping not to leave empty-handed, but before they check anything off their wishlist, it has to go through mom.

Luckily, they still have some time to shop around.

The 22nd Street Show will remain open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. until February 11.