Five congressmen from the committee on oversight and accountability held a hearing in Sierra Vista this afternoon. It focused on the impact the southwest border activity is having on the community and President Joe Biden’s immigration policies and decisions.

Rancher John Ladd was one of three people to testify, Tuesday afternoon. He said the border has lacked security for decades, but the activity on his ranch and in the communities has increased over the last few years.

We live it. Ive got grandkids living it. Were used to it, thats the sad part about it,” Ladd shared. “Were not scared but were used to it.

The rancher says he relies on the sheriff’s office to help with people on the property and any destruction to fences.

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels said his team made more than 600 arrests related to border crimes in the first five months of 2023. Most of the arrests are on felony charges prosecuted through the Cochise County Attorney’s Office.

Four years ago, I was bragging during presentations around the country, to include my home state and my own community that we had collectively made Cochise County one of the safest places on the southwest border,” Dannels said. “I cant say that honestly to my citizens today or when I present.

Congressman Juan Ciscomani, who represents part of the Tucson Sector, said he was glad to have his peers see what is happening with the high speed chases, smuggling and drugs close to his home because the communities need help.

“The federal government has clearly been failing at this,” he said.

All five congressmen, agreed they wanted to come to Cochise County so they can take evidence and testimonies from locals back to Washington D.C.

Before the hearing, the congressmen from Arizona, Wisconsin, and North and South Carolina toured the border and had a round table discussion with community leaders.