Sierra Vista’s city council voted to change the current leadership structure for local commissions. Prior to Thursday’s vote, city department were responsible for the commission depending on what the focus of the group was.Assistant City Manager Victoria Yarbrough said that prior to 2020, the council had the responsibility of running the local commissions. It was in that year that the then council voted to transfer the leadership to the city.The council wants to connect with the community and hear their feedback first hand, which is why they voted to take back oversight of the 10 commissions. “It gives control back to the city council, and it really helps them drive how they want to hear from their commission,” Yarbrough said. “It’s a really important thing to our city council to hear what the community thinks and to get their input on the various focus areas that they’re assigned.”According to Yarbrough, one of the council’s reasons for the conversation about switching was because there has been a lack of community participation in the groups. She said the council wants to hear from the public and this is a way they can do so. Some of the commissions people can join are Parks & Recreation Commission, Youth Commission, Commission on Disability Issues and the Tourism Commission.Yarbrough said community members can contact City Hall if they have questions or are interested in signing up.There will be a call for residents to sign up in the coming weeks.