The Sierra Vista Animal Control, 6799 E, 6799 AZ-90, hosted Encompass Canine for two classes on pet CPR and first aid for professionals who work with animals on a daily bases.

Senior Animal Control Officer, Tammy Gould-Berry, of the Sierra Vista Police Department worked with Krista Kurvers, the owner of Encompass Canines, to bring her class to southern Arizona. Encompass Canine provides pet CPR and first aid training to groups across the country, despite being based in Colorado.

This is the step in between so the emergency happens and if someone knows first aid or CPR they can start stuff on the way to the vet or before the vet can get there to help mitigate the harm done,” Kurvers said. “So its just the step in-between for the better outcome for the animal.

Attendees learned how to do CPR on dogs and cats, apply tourniquet, where to check for a pulse since animals have a different anatomy than humans and other life-saving techniques.

Gould-Berry said she wanted to bring this class to the area because the animal control office has gotten calls from the community asking if they could help in medical emergencies. She said the animal control officers can do more than take the animal to a vets office when possessing certain skillets.

“As animal control officers were all about educating our self so we can be a better resource for our community, Gould-Berry said.

Supervisor for Sierra Vista Animal Control Arleen Garcia said it’s been 10 years since this type of class was offered in the city, but said there could be other opportunities for more of these types of classes if there is a demand for them.

Animal control offices from Santa Cruz County and Yuma participated in the class, in addition to local first responders.