On Monday, Sierra Vista police arrested Jesse Wilmot, a 47-year-old resident, for multiple domestic violence incidents in the 2700 block of Player Avenue.

The Sierra Vista Police Department says the altercation began around 3:30 a.m. when Wilmot got mad at a victim for letting their dogs outside and waking Wilmot up.

Wilmot threatened to kill the dogs and then stabbed a mattress with a knife while the victim was on a bed. He then stabbed the bedroom wall with a knife.

Officers say the victim escaped and alerted the police, who discovered two juveniles still inside.

During a one-hour standoff, Wilmot refused to surrender and tried escaping into the backyard.

In addition, Wilmot threatened officers and less-lethal methods to apprehend him, including beanbag rounds and a K9 unit.

In cases of a potentially violent suspect, it is the SVPD policy to use less lethal options, whenever possible, to subdue the suspect. Less lethal options such as pepper balls, bean bag rounds, and K9 units limit the threat of death or serious injury to the suspect, innocent bystanders, and officers.

Wilmot now faces multiple charges, including:

Domestic violence kidnapping Aggravated assault Cruelty to animals Two counts of misconduct with a weapon Two counts of domestic violence criminal damage Three counts of domestic violence disorderly conduct

He is held in the Cochise County Jail.