The Sierra Vista Police will begin increasing enforcement of city leash laws starting Friday, March 1st.

According to SVPD, officers will begin patrolling parks, sports fields and other spaces frequented by pet owners. The department notes that dogs are not allowed on sports fields throughout the city at all with or without a leash. Police say if an owner is found with their dog on a sports field, they could receive a citation.

Those who fail to keep their dog restrained could face a financial penalty. The cost for violations is as follows:

1st offense: $40 to $75 dollars

2nd offense: $75 to $150 dollars

3rd offense: $150 to $250 dollars

SVPD Corporal Scott Borgstadt spoke on the plan to increase enforcement.

Having an unleashed dog in public spaces can be dangerous for the dog and others. Leashing your dog helps keep everyone safe, Borgstadt said in a statement.

Additionally, those who break the rules may be forced to pay restitution if an unleashed dog causes any sort of damage or injury to another person.



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