Cochise County has more than 1,200 jobs that need to be filled.

Education, medical and information technology fields have the most openings, however, in recent months there has been an increase in available jobs in the food service and hospitality industries.

Restaurants, thats one of the toughest jobs out there,” Business Services Representative for Arizona @ Work, Eric Grisham said. “I mean youre dealing with people. And now a days people can be very unthankful (and) ungrateful. One wrong move youre posted all over social media.

Marcelo Carrillo Jr., owner of 143 Street Tacos in Sierra Vista, said he has been collecting applications for the last seven months because people aren’t staying more than a few months.

Weve been seeing three months, four months and then then they leave,” he said. “Before the pandemic I used to blame cell phones. Out of 10 people maybe one was good.

“When the pandemic hit and were back to normal times out of 20 people maybe one.

Job seekers are looking closely to pay, work environment and flexibility with schedules when they are hunting for jobs. Both Grisham and Carrillo said they have seen an increase in people wanting part-time hours, rather then full-time hours.

Theres a giant gap in what the businesses need and the workforce that are there to fill those needs, Grisham said.

One of the gaps, includes pay. With living costs increasing and minimum wage on the rise, Grisham says people have a higher expectation for payeven in jobs that were once used to help gain experience.

A lot of these restaurant jobs are stepping stones to build experience while getting money to grow, he said.

On average it takes a person three to six months to find a job. Grisham recommends job seekers follow up with the businesses they apply to and ask for feedback if not given the job.