Tako Maki first opened its doors in August, but three weeks later it was closed to bring the building up to code. Now the Mexican-Japanese fusion restaurant is opened for the community to enjoy.

The city just wanted to make sure we were running everything safe,” server Katelynn Barnhart said. “We put the ventilation up. Just trying to make everything safer.

The owners of Tako Maki wanted to bring something new and different to Sierra Vista. General Manger, Lucero Acosta said the idea for the restaurant came from a craving that no one in town could settle.

He was looking for a place like this,” she said while sitting in the restaurant. “And he said you know, Im gonna open, Im gonna mix the Mexican and Japanese food.”

Lucero decided to join the staff because she believes in the concept.

“I love the idea because nobody has this kind of restaurant, she said.

The menu has staples from both cultures like tacos, burritos, and sushi but also has items that combine the different flavor palates to create something new.

It is different,” Barnhart said. “It is something people havent seen before. Its intriguing. You just want to make sure youre there for the customer.

She said she often gets questions about the sushi because some of the rolls have chicken, bacon or carne asada in them which people haven’t seen before. The unique menu is attracting customers into the doors, despite the brief closure.

I feel like there are other places in town that other people dont favor them because theyve seen it before, they have expectations,” Barnhart said. “But here they dont have any expectations for the fusion. I think its very exciting and something new for people to try.

She said she already has regulars, who are “addicted” to the food.

Tako Maki is located at 1481 E. Fry Blvd. in Sierra Vista. They are open seven days a week. Hours are listed on their website.