On Sierrita Mountain Road in Three Points, potholes and cracks are visible for miles. Pima County recognizes the road is in “poor”, and “very poor” condition.

Karen Hayden, who lives in Three Points, says it’s one of many bad roads in the area.

The roads out here are horrible,” Hayden told KGUN 9.

Her neighbors are also fed up with the lack of action from Pima County.

She claims they’ve had little success contacting the county about fixing the road.

For as many people as get in contact with someone in authority, there is a different response,” Hayden shared.

When KGUN 9 reached out to the county, officials said Sierrita Mountain Road was on the countys repair list for the last fiscal year.

However, the repair never happened.

They now tell KGUN 9 contracts for the repair are out for bid, and construction should start in January of 2024.

Sierrita Mountain Road was placed back on the 2024 repair list.

These neighbors hope this time, the county will come through.

A lot of people are concerned about the welfare of their cars and their families,” Joella Smith from Three Points said. I would like to see the county completely re do this road. I want them to strip it down and completely resurface it.