For the month of March, KGUN 9s Giving Project is focusing on the Sister Jos Women’s Center, a Tucson-based nonprofit dedicated to helping women who are experiencing homelessness.

The center opened in 2009 and is now undergoing renovations to keep up with the rising number of unhoused women in Tucson.

For resident Sheri and her 5-year-old dog Peanut, the center has been a lifeline.

Sheri credits Sister Jos Womens Center for helping her get off the streets and getting her life turned around, all while having Peanut by her side.

Im grateful for this place, Sheri said. Im grateful for the staff, the donors that allow me to stay here and be able to work on myself, but still have my pet…have my Peanut.

Nicola Hartmann, CEO of the center, said they look at each woman, where she is and what they can do to help her move forward.

Its part of the centers mission to provide a safe space where they can connect women with the resources they need to create a sustainable future.

Ultimately, the goal is housing, but that can take a long time, Hartmann said.

Hartmann said the demand for beds at Sister Jos has risen steadily in recent years.

The facility currently houses 42 women each night. But an expansion project is underway.

We are converting what was our donation center into more safe spaces to sleep, Hartmann said.

The expansion will allow them to bring 10-15 more women off the street and into the center, alongside Sheri and Peanut.

Knowing that I have clothes, and food, and a place to lay my head with my little precious Peanut is worth it all, Sheri said.

We invite you to make a donation to the Sister Jos Women’s Center by visiting their website and clicking the Ways to Give button in the upper righthand corner of the page.

As a reminder, your donation will qualify for Arizona’s charitable tax credit.

Our partners in the Giving Project, the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, will again match the first $500 in donations.