More than 2,000 migrants are crossing a day into the Tucson Sector according to local border patrol

Many of the apprehensions are taking place in Lukeville, Ariz. even though the area is completely walled off.

But smugglers are tearing down the bollards in the border wall, allowing migrants to easily step through.

Dates marked on the bollards show when they were most recently welded back together.

Migrants then walk miles to find border patrol and make their asylum claims.

Its a very difficult situation in Ecuador. Its hard to get work, and when I did get work, I still couldnt afford to live there,” Diego Andres said.

Many of the migrants hope they’ll be able to stay in the U.S.

But they’re waiting hours, sometimes even days to turn themselves in.

It is very cold. I have been waiting here for two days. You are able to warm yourself by using campfires and gathering together,” Jose Benites said.

The migrants use brush, trash, and even cacti to make their fires.

According to U.S. court data theres a current backlog of over 2 million asylum cases.

As a result of the backlog, it may take years for all the migrants’ claims to be heard.