What once started out as a rescue for greyhound dogs from the races, is now turning into a much bigger non-profit.

Sol Dog Lodge is an organization based on helping dogs. Its goal is to help expand the mission through building this new location, with members expecting to help hundreds of people and their pets in Marana.

“Before the tracks closed, we helped to re-home retired racers, and we were always looking for a kennel and fosters,” Owner of Sol Dog Lodge Shelley Harris recalled. “We never had a place of our own.”

Sol Dog Lodge offers the following:

Dog training Boarding Grooming

While its services start at $42.00 day, the center provides First Responder/Military and multiple dog discounts.

“We have a service dog program. We provide emergency respite to dogs, when families have a crisis,” Harris explained. “We want to do more and more of that, but the kennels that we have right now are really limited in space.”

This non-profit will soon break ground on Tuesday, Dec. 5 at 11862 N. Tangerine Business Lp.

“The new space is about 1,000 square feet. It’s a large training center that also takes our 15 kennels up to 55,” Harris said. “So, we’ll be able to board more dogs, they’ll have an isolation casita.”

Along with more space, lodging staff also plans on expanding their services offered to veterans.

“We want to be doing more with veterans and providing services to them for their service dogs,” Harris added.

The breaking ground ceremony is schedule for Tuesday, December 5th at 11862 N. Tangerine Business Park Loop in Marana.

The new facility is slated to open some time in Marana’s Tangerine Business Park Loop within the next two years.