While some people go to the Pima County Fair to play games or go on the rides, so many people go for the tasty food.

However, for some businesses like Pacific Crest Concessions, the price for ingredients to make that tasty food has gone up.

It varies season to season and last year we took a substantial increase in all of our products across the board, their owner Kim Barr said.

As for items that have gone up in price the most, Barr said ingredients like chicken have gotten progressively more expensive ever since the pandemic started.

She said thats why they had to raise their prices by two dollars last year.

This year were trying to hold steady by not raising our prices even though we have taken another increase, she said.

However, other businesses like Pigglys Barbecue said theyre lowering their prices.

Its kind of our business strategy and give back to the community and make everybody happy, their owner Craig Sawyers said.

He started to notice as he made items more expensive in past years, he wasnt getting as many customers.

However, he started raising prices as a result of having to pay more for ingredients like meats and oils.

He said oils have doubled in price in recent years and meats have gone up about 20 percent.

That means Sawyer isnt making as much money back but he said lowering his prices has gotten him more customers this year.

At the end of the day though, Sawyers said its not about the money, its about making his customers happy.

I have the passion and I love my customers, he said.