Tombstone is a tourist destination in Arizona, but it’s no tourist trap.

The town has a rich and vibrant history that not only reflected the state’s needs back in the day, but the needs of the country, as well.

The best place to see that history up close is underground

Underneath Tombstone theres over 400 feet of mine right beneath your feet.

The “Good Enough Mine” offers tours where visitors can see how miners worked a century ago and helped build Southern Arizona.

Hollywood is what made the shootout, but this is what really started tombstone,” Robert Davenport said.

Davenport runs the mine, which was part of Americas Industrial Revolution, and also supported 20th century war efforts.

Mines here were reopened in World War I and World War II,” Davenport said. “World War I for manganese for gun powder, and World War II for lead for bullets.”

Davenport says with every tour, he has the opportunity to share the magic of the mine and the town with visitors.

People here are very friendly, very willing to help,” Davenport said. “Its just a lot of fun. I love this town.

In addition to the mine, a petting zoo, and a mine for children have been added to the property.

If you haven’t been to Tombstone youre missing out, youre missing out big time,” Davenport said.



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