It was a pretty nice day out and we even saw some clouds. Thats our first little sneak peak at monsoon.

The clouds even cast a shadow on part of the Catalina Mountains for some parts of the day.

However, it was still a really hot day outside today, getting to a high of about 104 degrees in Tucson.

In the Tucson metro area we saw a lot of those same triple digits. Across Southern Arizona we mostly saw triple digits, but in Cochise County we saw a lot of nineties.

We are going to be seeing some relief from the heat going into the night in Tucson, but honestly not all that much.

Tucson will be at about 88 degrees at midnight but luckily in the early morning hours we’re going to be dipping down to the seventies.

However, we’re right back up to 104 degrees tomorrow and those upper nineties in Sierra Vista.

We are going to be seeing some possible rain in Cochise County Tuesday and possibly Wednesday.

However, it doesnt look like there will be any rain in Tucson as we going into this week.

We’re going to be seeing all triple digits this week in Tucson and even reaching 109 degrees next Sunday.

In Sierra Vista we will be seeing mid to upper nineties before reaching 100 degrees next Sunday.

Very hot all across Southern Arizona!

Cochise corrected again



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