As a way to save money, University of Arizona Freshman Sage Repass rides the Sun Link about twice a week.

The Sun Link is free and that means Repass is saving money she will be spending in the future.

Saving money for an apartment next year and gas like just went up to like 5 bucks so its so much nicer to take the train so Im not spending a bunch of money, Repass said.

Even though she has a car on campus, she said the Sun Link is a lot more convenient.

For me, I live in the dorms so I can just take the train and go straight to Fourth (Avenue) and then eat and come back, she said.

She rode the Sun Link on Wednesday with her friend Nicholas Hodge.

Hodge, who doesnt have a car, said the free transportation is still saving him money.

Being able to go out with my friends and not having to help them pay for gas has definitely saved me a lot of money, Hodge said.

Sun Tran says in fiscal year 2021 they saw over ten million riders. In fiscal year 2022, riders drove up that number to over 13 million.

Now, some people are also fueling their savings through using Sun Trans buses.

Joseph Lopez was waiting for the bus on Wednesday and said while it doesnt get him as close as he hopes it would to his destination, it does get him close enough.

Riding the bus is also allowing him to swerve past big bills.

Gas, wear and tear on the vehicle, paymentsit does help. It really does, Lopez said.