Early Sunday morning, the historic South Tucson Crossroads Restaurant caught fire.

Tucson Fire Department responded to reports of the fire shortly after 1 a.m. The fire was under control after 3 a.m.

Later Sunday morning, employees of the restaurant went outside to clean and help with the damage.

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The owners stated they were not ready to speak at the time, but the community spoke for them by offering their support.

“Me and my daughter are going to go over there to tell them to count on us. If there is anything we can do to help them, just let us know, said Ignazio Delgado, owner of Taqueria Pico de Gallo.

As a local nearby business, it was difficult for him to see the loss. Its real real sad for me to see that, he said.

In December, the front of Taqueria Pico de Gallo was destroyed after a driver crashed into the building.

Some young man came and crashed into the front and destroyed everything. Theyre fixing everything right now, its getting there, said Rocio Rodriguez, granddaughter of Ignazio.

Understanding the position the Crossroads Restaurant is in of having to start over, the family-owned restaurant was eager to lend a helping hand.

They have been a great support for us and we want to do the same thing for them, said Rodriguez.

Several people stopped to see the damage at the Crossroads Restaurant, reflecting its importance to the community.

Mark Hart with the Old Pueblo Bus Museum stopped by to take some photos. He was there to witness the fire Sunday morning.

We saw the place engulfed in flames through the window. The Fire Department advised us to get away from there because they didnt want us to breathe the smoke, said Hart.

He watched as the fire department worked to get the fire under control. Still, he was in disbelief. The restaurant has been in the community for over 75 years.

Its a shame. I dont know. Its crazy, said Hart.