Tragedy hit in South Tucson over the weekend: A family of four, taken from the world too soon.

Jose Tanco, his wife Yesenia Brito and their two daughters Yasmin and Lilian were killed in a car accident in Sonora.

He was a very good father, a very good friend, family friend Ivan Ballestros told me. He was a taking horse therethat was the plan and it just didnt happen.

The City of South Tucson held a moment of silence was held for Jose, Yesenia, Yasmin and and Lilian at its City Council meeting Tuesday.

In addition to contributions to an online fundraiser set up by Jose’s sister, it’s just another way the South Tucson community is making sure their immediate family isn’t alone.

You know, there’s a lot of tragedies in the world happening. But this onea lot of people are involved in this one, a lot of people are coming together helping out with funds and trying to make everything easier for their families.

Heidi Alagha: What do you think that says about them, when you see the whole community coming together?” Ivan Ballestros: “Thats what my wife was telling me yesterday. Its so beautiful, a lot of people that didnt know them are concerned and willing to help.”

Ballestros tells me the community is there to make sure the Tanco-Brito family knows supports is close by:

Any moral support you guys need, anything you need we are going to be here for you guys. And that’s a promise that we makethat we all make to you guys.