The Taqueria Pico de Gallo has been a staple in South Tucson and is finally back to business as usual. On December 24, 2022, a car crashed into the entrance of the restaurant. The family-owned business said the person responsible was a drunk driver.

I just remember pulling up and there was a hole in this door. And it was very scary for me and my family, said Gadiela Ugalde, one of the family members operating the restaurant.

The family conducted business outside until Saturday, when the interior of the restaurant was finally reopened. Loyal customers were happy to see the restaurants resilience.

Ive been coming here for over 20 yearsI love Pico de Gallo, they make the best fish tacos. Im very excited that they reopened. And were back here again, ordering more food, said Elvia Callaham.

The restaurant has been in business for 35 years, but it hasnt always been the restaurant it is today.

My nana and tata, Nacho Delgado and Antonio and they started here. It was like a little cart and they barely started with cocktail and pico de gallo. And then it just started to this big building, described Ugalde.

She said their history is painted on the walls outside the restaurant.

Its like them falling in love because they met in Mexico and then they immigrated over here and my nana was like, I want to start a business, added Ugalde.

To be able to continue her familys legacy and get back to a better flow means a lot to her.

I was telling my mom when I closed the other night, like its very nostalgic for me. I used to open, close, and I remember seeing everyone come in and out, and like just leaving happy, full, she said.

The restaurant is located at 2618 S. 6th Ave.