The Pima County Republican Party held a watch party for the presidential preference election at Wilburs Grill in Midtown.

Dave Smith, their chairman, said former president Donald J. Trump has already been able to unify the Republican Party and said he has done that through his policies involving securing the border and boosting the economy.

You can see right here at our party, its very unifying for all of us. A month ago you may have been calling someone a RHINO, another person a this, or a that, and now all of a sudden were Republicans and we have a common cause and a common struggle, Smith said.

The Pima County Democrats decided not to have a watch party for the presidential preference election.

Cochise County Democrats Chair Elisabeth Tyndall said she feels like Biden is a good choice because she said he has helped with the economy.

The Biden administration has delivered big for Arizona, not only for jobs and investments but also here in Cochise County, Tyndall said.

The next time people will be able to vote is in the primaries in July and then in November for the general election.