TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) A hair salon on Tucson’s south side is marking its fifth year in business.

A La Moda Hair Salon, owned by Monica Hernandez and Oyuque Bracamonte-Trejo, is not only surviving but thriving on South Sixth Avenue, even after the pandemic.

Both Hernandez and Bracamonte-Trejo have been passionate about styling hair since childhood.

“My inspiration is just beauty,” Hernandez said. “Growing up with Barbies, and playing dress up, and creating beauty for someone….making someone feel good about themselves, not just the inside, but the outside.”

The salon’s five-year milestone was celebrated with family, friends and clients.

Hernandez is appreciative of how far they have come.

“We just wanted to celebrate five years,” Hernandez said. “We survived the pandemic, and we’re still here, and we’re still doing what we love to do. I feel so blessed.”

Hispanic Heritage Month holds special significance for the salon owners. Both Hernandez and Bracamonte-Trejo are from families that came to the United States from Mexico, hoping for a better life.

“They had a dream for their children to have something better, and just for us to have a small business in my family; it’s a big thing,” Bracamonte-Trejo said.

“My parents and my grandparents are from Mexico,” Hernandez said. “Coming to the U.S. gave them bigger opportunities and a better life for our families.”

Bracamonte-Trejo acknowledges the challenges of being business owners and moms. “At the end of the day, having a small business is hard, but we enjoy it,” she said.

Despite the hurdles, Hernandez and Bracamonte-Trejo have not only persevered but grown, both as business owners and as integral members of the local Hispanic community, with three employees working at the salon.

“I hope (my family is) proud of me,” Hernandez said.