The City of Sierra Vista and the Southwest Association of Buffalo Soldiers are celebrating Black History Month with an event this Saturday highlighting Buffalo Soldiers and their impact on Cochise County.

The Buffalo Soldiers made their way to Cochise County in the late 1800s. They were regiments consisting of African American soldiers. They helped build Camp Huachuca, now known as Fort Huachuca, and monitored the southern border at Camp Naco. Demetria Warren, president of the Southwest Association of Buffalo Soldiers, says the Buffalo Soldiers helped build Camp Huachuca by digging the lines for wires and streets.

Warren believes that the Buffalo Soldiers’ contributions to the area should be talked about because there are lessons that can be learned.

The history of our black soldiers is not told anywhere,” Warren said. “(Their) resilience that they (had) define what a strong person was. They always gave their best.

The Southwest Association of Buffalo Soldiers provide education and motivation to community members using the values of the Buffalo Soldiers. Warren says their “don’t quit” attitude is what made the Buffalo Soldiers unique.

That is what I love to share with people. Dont quit. Because the higher you go, the more life you live,” she said. “And that is where the Buffalo Soldiers (excelled), that is our backbone, that is our core.

On Saturday, Warren said the Southwest Association of Buffalo Soldiers will share the stories of a few of the Buffalo Soldiers who were in Cochise County. The event, titled In Your Pocket: Heroes of the Past will take place at the Ethel Berger building, 2950 E. Tacoma St., in Sierra Vista from noon to 3 p.m.