On Friday, May 26, around 9:13 a.m. Sahuarita police responded to reports of a physical domestic violence dispute.

The incident occurred at the 600 block of Calle Tolmo.

The suspect, identified as Louis Trujillo, was arrested.

Trujillo was also charged on suspicion of disorderly conduct (a class 1 misdemeanor), threats and intimidation (a class 1 misdemeanor), aggravated domestic abuse (a class 5 felony), and interfering with judicial procedures (a class 1 misdemeanor) during this recent incident.

According to SPD, he refused to turn around and place his hands behind his back after being told by a police officer that he was being arrested.

Trujillo informed officers that they would have to fight him, SPD said.

Officers say they proceeded to speak with Trujillo in an attempt to de-escalate the situation and persuade him to submit peacefully to the arrest.

Trujillo ran on foot from officers and was tased, according to police.

He continued to resist arrest and officers report struggling to handcuff him.

While attempting to arrest him, an officer used pepper spray to subdue him.

Trujillo was eventually handcuffed and arrested.

During the altercation, he had scratches on his face. Trujillo was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation before being medically released.

Trujillo was arrested and put into the Pima County Jail adding another charge for resisting arrest.