Ice in the desert has been a prime attention grabber for Mosaic Quarter.. The complex will feature an IcePlex for University of Arizona Hockey, youth and adult leagues and other sorts of fun on ice.

The plan includes a stadium, an arena, plazas, restaurants and hotels-to make it a diverse community gathering place that goes beyond sports.

The buildings are designed to adapt to a wide range of sports, entertainment and community events. To learn what the community wants to see in the Quarter theres a poll on the Mosaic Quarter website. You can take the poll at this link:

Mosaic Quarter is designed to be a winner for jobs and the economy with business built into the site, and the potential to attract businesses around it serving customers the quarter brings into the area.

Mosaic Quarter developer Frank Knott says, With our travel sports, there’s a ton of local spending that happens in restaurants, grocery stores, bars, local retailers, amusement attractions, and we push that all that traffic off site intentionally, so that we can impact the local community in a way where we’re not trying to keep all the development for ourselves.

As long as its improvement, and nothing raggedy, Im for it, says Willie Blake.

We met Willie Blake in the park named after him. Hes a longtime community activist and President of the Western Hills Neighborhood Associationthe closest neighborhood to the development. He says Mosaic Quarters commitment to jobs, and the community sounds good to him.

Again, as long as its community friendly, as long as you share with the community that you are right next to, jobs; whatever you do, keep in mind community, then Im for it. Making life better for you know, for the individual that lives in his area. Don’t just come in this area and do something and you bear the benefits and then leave.

Mosaic Quarter will open in phases, with the Iceplex set to open in about two years.