The St. Philip’s Black Friday Market drew in over 60 local vendors eager to showcase their handcrafted items at reduced prices. KGUN 9’s Bri Pacelli spoke with some vendors, exploring the significance of this day for both them and their businesses.

Cindy Williams, the market’s manager, highlighted Tucson’s reputation for artistry, describing it as a creative hub.

Reflecting on the event’s third year, Williams expressed, “By nature, Tucson is just known for its artistry. Its a super creative town and this is a great way to showcase that.”

Williams further emphasized the intention behind expanding the market on Black Friday, providing vendors with the opportunity to offer discounted holiday gifts.

“We wanted to add an extra market for the people that are just out and about in Tucson today. Looking for that one-of-a-kind, unique, original, handmade product,” she said.

Vendors voiced their appreciation for the chance to showcase their items to the community at discounted prices. Brandon Cordva, Owner and Creator of Honest Bars Apothecary, emphasized the unique excitement of Friday markets, stating, “We never have a market on Friday, and a lot of the vendors are going to have sales today. It gets people excited for the holiday ‘come and shop with us and buy all the products you wouldnt normally buy.'”

Kristina Montoya, owner of Sparrows and Sombreros, highlighted the market’s role in providing an alternative to big-box stores on Black Friday. She shared, “usually on Black Friday, a lot of people go to those big box stores. Its really nice to compete with that and actually show them and give them another option besides that and really have it be more local.”

Montoya stressed the value of supporting local artists during the holidays, suggesting it leads to more meaningful and personal gifts. “You can be more personal with something thats more local than a big-box item that anybody can get. If you come here, not everyones gonna be able to get it because its only here,” she noted.

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