The Detail Lounge on the southside is opening up within the next couple of weeks, and its something car enthusiasts dont have in the Tucson community.

From climate-controlled DIY detailing to opportunities for car lovers to network, the space will offer a wide variety of opportunities that are catered to the car community.

As car enthusiasts, we really dont have a safe and fun place to hang out, said Marco Flores, one of the three owners. Flores, Brandon Anderson and Danny Hernandez own the business as three friends that connected through their passion for cars.

Not only did they connect because of the car scene, but they also connected because theyre veterans. They had a vision for a one-of-a-kind, safe space for people looking for community in their passion. They just got the keys in August, and have been working as quickly as possible to bring their vision to life with the support from the community.

They have a group of enthusiasts already that are excited to appreciate the space. Here, as long as you have a car, you are accepted and a part of the community, said Sam Stuckey, a Tucson native car enthusiast.

The space is also intended to be family-friendly. There will be a car racing simulation room and a cafe for families to enjoy the space aside from the detailing and networking. Another goal in mind for the space is the opportunity to mentor and inspire youth to discover a positive outlet for their passion.

I had some problems with substances, described Anderson, one of the owners. Ive been clean and sober for ten years now, and Im thankful to be where Im at now; however, if it werent for a couple of men that were in my life, to show me what the positive male role model looks like, I probably wouldnt be here. So theres some sense of responsibility to pay it forward.

When it comes to street takeovers and illegal street racing, Stuckey said its dangerous to be involved and hopes those car enthusiasts find a better way to express their passion.

We really try to push against that type of culture. We want to have fun with our cars, but we really want to do it safely and responsibly, said Stuckey.

The space is also appreciated by other car-related businesses, rather than being seen as competition. Ben Garcia, with Breaking Necks Mobile Detailing, said, We come and we network at these events and all the events theyve held in the past and people come to us and they want details from us because us as young guys, were here for a reason. So game recognizes game.

The grand opening for the space is set for Saturday, Dec. 9 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and theyll have vendors, raffles, and giveaways for anyone that decides to go and support the start of their new journey.

The Detail Lounge is located at 4011 E. Columbia St. Suite 121. For more information, visit