Arizona state Rep. Matt Gress on Tuesday introduced a bill that would amend current law to create drug-free zones within areas around service providers.

The Arizona Homeless Protection and Drug Control Act, or HB 2782, would make several key changes to Arizona law and policies surrounding homeless solutions.

The act, in its current form, would:

Create harsher penalties for drug dealers who deal in drug-free service zones. Make facilities that have policies that allow on-campus drug liable for charges. Create a $75 million dollar permanent Homeless Shelter and Services Fund. Adjust funding to homeless service providers based on performance thresholds. Emphasize the need and importance of collecting accurate health and demographic data on the states homeless population. Ban the use of state funds to rent out rooms from hotels to provide shelter to unhoused people.

This legislation is designed to provide accountability in how we help those who are experiencing homelessness, Gress said.

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