The Arizona Department of Corrections Rehabilitation and Reentry (ADCRR) is announcing the termination of its contract with private prison contractor Management and Training Corporation (MTC) for the Arizona State Prison (ASP) in Marana.

Despite the facility’s average inmate population of 225, ADCRR had to pay for nearly 475 beds.

Ending the contract is projected to save the state $5 million for the upcoming fiscal year and almost $10 million in Fiscal Year 2025.

I applaud Director Thornell for his good stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Because of the Directors leadership, we are cutting down on government waste and saving Arizona taxpayers $15 million over two years while improving public safety. I look forward to ADCRRs continued work to build a correctional system that is efficient and effective, and keeps Arizonans safe.

ADCRR Director Ryan Thornell emphasized the move’s financial responsibility and efficiency in using state resources.

Its about using the totality of ADCRRs state resources more effectively. The ADCRR is able to absorb the inmates from ASP-Marana, into other prisons here in Arizona. So, not only are we demonstrating significant savings, were demonstrating, with actions, our ability to be more efficient with the resources already provided to us. The ADCRR is as committed to supporting and developing staff, ensuring inmates have access to quality programming that lends itself to rehabilitation and public safety, as much as we are committed to improved fiscal management.

This decision will not impact other ADCRR prisons, and efforts will be made to give employment opportunities for ASP-Marana staff at other facilities.