They serve less hot coffee and more iced drinks all to help their customers cool down, but that comes with a price.

Energy bills go up, said Nancy Elnady, manager at HeeMee Coffee + Bakery.

Their goal is to create a comfortable environment.

I want them to be satisfied and I want them to like the place enough to actually come back again, said Elnady.

And that means keeping the AC running during the summer months.

We have to keep the air conditioning on to keep the place cool the whole time, said Elnady.

With more people doing just that, TEP has invested $290 million into improving their systems to prevent any outages.

Were continually preforming upgrades on our equipment, replacing lines and installing new equipment at our substations, said Joe Barrios of TEP.

And if youre wanting to cut the cost of keeping the AC running, TEP has some tips for you.

You essentially try to make your home cooler than you normally would so that in the heat of the day, say after 3 oclock, your home will remain comfortable through those hotter hours, said Barrios.

TEP offers a special pricing plan as well as a smart thermostat rebate customers can apply for, all to keep everyone cool as the triple digit heat is here to stay through the summer months.