Vikki Bishopp is mom, wife, and is currently battling breast cancer.

She was diagnosed in late 2019. Cancer runs in her family, but it was something she never thought would happen to her. However, she was ready to fight.

Bishopp said, My first thought when they told me I was diagnosed with it was, This is not going to be what kills me, this is not going to be what takes my life, period.

She began undergoing treatments, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic she had to do most of them alone.

I never got to have somebody go with me and sit with me during chemo. I never had anyone be able to go with me to radiation, Bishopp said, I never thought I was a strong person on my own. But it was just something you have to kind of dig your heels into and you have to do it.

While her friends and family couldnt be there physically with her during treatments, they were still there by her side every step of the way.

You need to fill yourself with the love, compassion and support from other people and I am beyond grateful.

Her son showed his support in a way she couldnt have ever imagined.

He had shaved his head and colored it pink. And I remember just crying, thinking, oh my gosh, like why would somebody do that for me?

But he didnt stop there. He got his high school football team involved at one of their games.

They all brought me flowers, each one as they came down from the locker room. They each gave me flowers and gave me a hug, Bishopp said. These boys just stepped up and they supported me and they loved me. It was the coolest thing.

Bishopp has one more surgery scheduled for later this year and is ready to finally put this behind her.

I just want to take a breath, and lay down in bed at night and go,Thank you, thank God I’m done.