Southern Arizona is attracting shoppers from Mexico as the peso gains momentum.

As of Tuesday, each peso is worth more compared to last year.

“Right now, the peso is like 17.50 or 17. 20,” Hector Osuna said. “Sometimes, like a couple of years ago, it was 20 pesos for $1. So, right now… Mexican citizens are like getting into shopping again because of the currency.”

Osuna traveled more than four hours from Hermosillo, Mexico to the Tucson Premium Outlet Mall just to get a good deal.

“There’s a lot of stuff to buy,” Osuna said. “There’s a variety and there’s good prices in these items”

“I mean just in general,” Andre Boccaccio said. “Mexico with the pesos being like up and down and just over here you get more styles for your dollar, your money. It goes further here, especially with going back to school.”

For local businesses here in Southern Arizona, the added shoppers are a welcome source of revenue, with many hoping the trend continues