Several incidents at the University of Arizona over the past six months have raised safety concerns for some students, prompting a safety panel on Friday by the Student Government Association.

One of the biggest catalysts for Fridays forum was the murder of a professor at the university last October.

Ava Ordog is a junior at the school who attended the panel. She says her sense of safety has gone down since the tragedy.

“This October was the first school shooting Ive experienced,” she said. “As time has gone by, my sense of safety has decreased.”

School leaders, including President Bobby Robins, spent about an hour answering student-submitted questions about safety and ways to improve it.

SGA President Patrick Robles, a senior at the school, says students deserve to be more directly involved in decisions that will directly affect them.

“The answer to campus safety isnt a one-size-fits-all approach,” Robles said. “Its a nuanced approach, and its important to be inclusive of all these different backgrounds.”

Gabe Berkey, a sophomore, echoed similar thoughts.

“Theyre decisions based around students and for students, and I think its only fitting [that] students are in the discussion,” Berkey said.

President Robins would acknowledge past failures of school leadership during the panel.

That accountability is something Robles says is a step in the right direction for improving safety on campus. The next step, he says, is action.

“Were grateful we have an ally I like to believe in President Robin,” he said. “So were hoping to see these conversations and these commitments comes to fruition in the following school year.”

Robles said they hope to continue having more panels in the future.



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