Tombstone High School is an A rated school, and its buses drive 400,000 miles a year to bring students from across Cochise County.

But no matter what city theyre from, once they step on campus, theyre all Tombstone Yellowjackets.

Were a family as a school itself,” Senior class president Anthony Piro said.

Were all just a big community, everyone knows each other,” Elia Wildgen said.

With just over 400 students, Principal David Thursby and his staff prepare their students for college, or a job after graduation.

The school offers classes in everything from math to welding, and even has a shooting range on campus.

And students say the teachers is what makes Tombstone a special place to learn.

They try and help you get that ‘A’,” Senior Erin Posey said. “Theyll make you work hard for it, but they will be ready to be there if you need it.

Theyre also valuable to Principal Thursby.

He says while other schools in the state have difficulty with keeping and recruiting teachers, Tombstone High School continues to give a consistent education to its students.

I talk to principal friends, and they talk about the teacher turnover,” He said. “But Im blessed with teachers who have been here for a really long time and theyre good at what they do.

Despite all of the special programs, being A rated, and full teaching staff, Wildgen says theres still more to prove.

I think we get overlooked because were a really small school,” Wildgen said.

Piro adding their size and diversity makes them stronger.

Theres some things we dont have, but it just makes us all connected and together,” Piro said.

As the school makes an effort not to just get achieve an A rating, and get the highest test scores.

But to help their students become better people,” Posey said.



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