With temperatures rising in Tucson, Reid Park Zoo’s Summer Safari Nights are making a comeback.

The zoo offers this event to provide a cooler evening experience for visitors.

“It’s a really fun opportunity for people to come out after the zoo closes,” said Jed Dodds, Development Officer at Reid Park Zoo. “Visitors get an opportunity to come in and really have a fun event when its a little bit cooler out.”

Summer Safari Nights is designed for the whole family.

“Its a family-based opportunity, so from newborns all the way up to adults,” Dodds said.

Each week, the event features a different theme. This Saturday, the theme is “Large and in Charge,” celebrating the zoo’s mega-vertebrates like giraffes, elephants and rhinos.

Children are particularly excited about the event.

“Yeah, I want to see the giraffe,” said Ryser, one young zoo visitor.

Besides being a fun community event, Summer Safari Nights helps support the zoo and its animals.

“Summertime is our slower time for attendance,” Dodds said. “So adding an event like this does increase our revenue during that time, which adds to all the things that we can do.”

Families are also excited to see the zoo in a new lightliterally.

“Weve only ever come during the day, so were excited to see how the animals behave differently at night,” said visitor Elizabeth Skorupa.

You can buy tickets at the door or online through their website.