The Joyce Clark Middle School and anyone connected to it have been the target of threats on social media, according to the Sierra Vista Police Department (SVPD) as they investigate.

Officers and the Sierra Vista Unified School District have put additional security measures in place for the school even though there doesn’t seem to be a real danger.

All threats of violence within the community are taken seriously and are thoroughly investigated.

On Friday, the investigation began when the SVPD received information regarding videos posted on a social media site involving child sexual abuse material.

Only children were seen in the videos. During the initial investigation, it was discovered that middle school students were interacting with one another in a group chat on the website.

Several threats were made against the school and certain people connected to the school in the group chat during the investigation.

The username and account used for posting the videos were also used to make these threats.

Concerned community members reported similar threats to the SVPD many times throughout the course of the following few days.

A number of digital media files were protected.

People seen in the videos were identified through follow-up interviews.

At this time, no further threats have been made. With follow-up search warrants and ongoing interviews, more information is being gathered, including the details of the social media group chat.

This investigation remains ongoing.

Anyone with information, contact SVPD Detective Thomas P. Ransford at