In a 3-1 vote, Sylvia Lee has been appointed as the new District 3 Supervisor, succeeding former Supervisor Sharon Bronson. Bronson resigned last month, citing an inability to adequately serve the district while recovering from an injury. Lee will finish Bronson’s term, which ends in December of 2024.

Lee, expressing immediate concern about the ongoing crisis at the border, highlighted the urgency of the situation, emphasizing the potential depletion of federal funds.

“It’s a crisis; we’re gonna run out of federal money come February if something doesn’t happen,” Lee remarked.

Pima County currently provides shelter for legal immigrants for 2-3 days as they plan their next steps. However, Lee underscored the insufficient funding allocated for these endeavors, stressing the need for federal support and collaboration with the governor to secure additional funds.

“The capacity could be reached,” Lee said. “We really need to do something at the federal level, but we need to support our governor and all of us in helping secure more funds because this isn’t going away.”

Education is another concern for Lee, who believes it is the key to prosperity.

“If you don’t have shelter, don’t have food, water those are basic needs that we need to help our individuals here,” she said. “Make sure they have so that they can progress and be prosperous, and we all benefit in economic development.”

Acknowledging the concerns of District 3 residents regarding the state of Pima Mine Road, Lee expressed her intention to address the issue with her team and personally assess the road’s condition.