For this week’s bite of Tasting Tucson, we’re stepping back into the kitchen at Boca Tacos on 4th Avenue.

Moments after Chef Mara Mazn finished making her everything vinaigrette salad with grilled peaches for us, we asked her what she considered her favorite comfort foods.

Part of the spirit behind this series is for readers and viewers to pick the brains of our community’s best culinary minds.

Sometimes, the chefs want to keep things as simple as possible. Other times, they crave a dish that reminds them of home.

What does Mazn, a James Beard Award semifinalist, remember with warm nostalgia? “Red chile colorado…chile con carne… flour tortillas. My <nanny> that took care of us, helped my parents, she cooked amazing.”

What about when it’s a late night after work? Mazn said a simple sandwich does the job, but only certain condiments can make the final cut. “No mayo, yes <to> mustard!” she said. “I have a collection of mustards.”

Mazn offered her take on an intricate version of a dish any college student, current and former, can appreciate.

“Ramen in a cup, with hot water,” she said.

“Of course, all the seasonings, put it in a bowl. I eat it with a spoon, no fork. I put a lot of chiltepin (peppers), lime, a little bit of soy sauce. Then, I have to have salteen (crackers) and pepper-jack cheese.”

“So there is a rhyme or reason,” we said. “I don’t know!” Mara replied. “I go to therapy to find the rhyme and reason of everything!”