This spring, University of Arizona Athletics will continue their tradition honoring a local grade school teacher in southern Arizona as their 2024 Teacher of the Year.

Good Morning Tucson is introducing you to the nominees this year, including Tiffany Newton.

If you take chemistry for college credit or forensic science at Andrada Polytechnic High School, Mrs. Newton will be your teacher.

“I’m really passionate about the subject, and I think that really makes the kids excited to come into class,” Newton said. “We do fingerprinting, we do blood spatter, splicing DNA and creating DNA fingerprints. It’s very hands on and I think they pick up on my enthusiasm for the topic.”

As they say in forensics, “case closed.” That’s exactly why the principal, Geoff Parks nominated Newton for the award, saying many students who don’t like science or even school, have been inspired by her engaging lessons.

She’s even grown her forensics class from an elective, into an approved science course.

Junior, Rasem Abdullah is in both of Mrs. Newton’s science clubs.

“I would say that her interaction with students is absolutely amazing,” Abdullah said. “And a lot of other teachers don’t really have the same one-on-one interaction with their students like she does.”

She’s making a difference, one student at a time.

“I get to laugh every day,” Newton explained. “I get to see their enthusiasm. See light bulbs click. It’s just a fun job and it’s a fulfilling job.”

The University of Arizona will announce their teacher of the year at their home game on March 2nd.