Students at Henry Elementary were treated to a brand new vending machine, but instead of dispensing junk food, this machine is dispensing books for students to read. Book vending machines have been growing in schools across the country, promoting literacy in the classroom.

The school told KGUN9 they learned about the concept from a school in Globe, Arizona, but they needed a way to fund it. Cue Whitney Fox who helped bring the vending machine idea to life. Fox’s grandmother, Helen Rowton, taught at Henry Elementary for several years, but had recently passed away.

“It seemed like such a befitting gift for my grandmother because she believed that reading was a foundational skill. And that all children needed to learn to read in order to have further education…To me, its a hands-on gift. I love that part of it. I’ve spoken to teachers here who say that it will make a tremendous difference for the children. They believe that the kids are going to be motivated to read.”

Fox didn’t just fund the vending machine she also donated money to buy the books inside it too.