When Vanessa Laurin envisioned her own business, she wanted it to be safe and comfortable for anyone who walked through her doors.

Laurin opened Tell Mama to the Sierra Vista community this past weekend, after months of renovations.

Every decision that we made was in a way trying to bring back that classic cocktail lounge but mixing it with some really contemporary things as well, she said.

Tell Mama is the first bar Laurin has owned, but she said it was a natural choice because her family works in the hospitality industry.

Laurin wanted a space where she could create something in which people could share wonderful moments together.

But also, just to be able to be together in an environment they feel comfortable in, is something thats really important to me, she said.

Laurin wanted the kind of space where she would hang.

When I moved to Sierra Vista, it really wasnt a place that resonated with me as far as where I would like to spend time,” she said. “I really love the sort of retro vibe that comes from a place where youre really just meant to relax.

Tell Mama is located on the west end of Sierra Vista, an area that the city is trying to revitalize as a kind of downtown. Laurin said she worked with the city to help get the doors open, but also wanted to be on the west end because of its proximity to Fort Huachuca.

The West End Development grant that the City has, has been wonderful,” she said. “Weve had such great support from the city itself to ensure that theyre trying to stimulate business in this area.

Prior to Laurin purchasing the building, Tell Mama was a karaoke bar. The name, Tell Mama, pays tribute to the previous owner and a song that influenced the design and atmosphere of the bar. The previous owner went by the name, Mama.

The cocktail lounge will have wine, spirits and beer, from both local, national and international vineyards.

Were really emphasizing our tequila and bourbon profiles,” Laurin said. “So were trying to get a lot of unusual spirits here, first and foremost.

Laurin and her team are scheduling live music for the weekends and afternoons for customers to enjoy. She said she wants to give bands who don’t normally have a venue room to show off their talents.

Tell Mama is located at 325 W. Fry Blvd. It is open Wednesday through Sunday.