The 33rd annual Tucson Jewish International Film Festival officially kicked off Thursday at The Loft Cinema in midtown.

The yearly event gives people the chance to learn more about Jewish culture through the art of cinema.

“The Tucson J through our arts and culture program is really proud to be able to build bridges both within the Jewish community and between the Jewish and broader community,” said Jenn Selco with the Tucson J.

She added that the festival represents a culmination of those very efforts at educating the community and bridging those gaps.

This years festival goes on until January 31. It includes 10 days of in-person screenings at several locations across Tucson and includes “films from Poland, films from Italy, films from France and more.”

Perhaps an even bigger draw for the few thousand movie buffs who attend every year is the chance for others to learn more about the Jewish community, its people and the impact they have had throughout history.

“Its an opportunity to celebrate Jewish joy, its an opportunity to embrace diversity,” she said. “Tucson is a very diverse city.”

At 33 years and counting, the Tucson Jewish International Film Festival is the longest-running film fest in southern Arizona; something Selco believes is a testament to the people here in Tucson.

“I think its something that shows how beautiful our community is. Where we are really a tapestry of multiple faiths and multiple identities,” Selco explained. “And so to be able to celebrate Jewish life as part of that Tucson identity I think is really important.”

If you cant make it out to a theater, some films will also be available through streaming. For more information on showtimes and tickets, you can click here.