The Malibu Apartments Tenants Association is fighting to keep organizing in the midst of what they claim is retaliation from the complex management.

They were joined by Tucson Tenants Union and a few other tenants from the apartment who don’t claim to be part of the Tenants Association.

Missy Arroyo started the Tenant’s Association at the Malibu Apartments in early March of 2024. She said she was tired of the complex’s living conditions and what she saw as a lacking response from management.

I want to go and tell people about their rights…other tenants,” she said. “I didnt know we had rights. To me, I couldnt live like that forever. I went the whole summer with no AC. If I pay my rent, and thats not the problem, why dont you fix the things that are broken in my apartment?

She says that after the Tenants Association’s second meeting, she and the vice president of the association, along with several other members voted in as officers, were given eviction or written notices asking them to vacate within 10 days.

Arroyo said that’s why they’re rallying.

“Just because Im single and Im a woman doesnt give you the right to walk all over me,” she said. “It doesnt give you the right to take my rights away. Who do you think you are?

KGUN9 has been following Arroyo for a few months now. She says she has until April 30th to move out of her apartment but says she will keep fighting for tenants in the Malibu Apartments even after she moves.