A rate hike announced by Tucson Electric Power means you’ll soon be paying more to keep the lights on.

Monthly bills are going up an average of $11 starting in September, according to a news release issued by TEP.

The increase is in response to the recent grid updates, with improvements that include, new transformers, power lines and poles, as well as technology upgrades, security enhancements and new wind and solar power resources, the release said.

The rate increase will also help TEP handle the demands of a growing city. The local grid has seen peak energy demands increase by 6% since 2019, thanks to an estimated 14,000 new customers, according to the news release.

The last rate increase took effect in early 2021.

Were doing everything possible to keep our service affordable as we build the resources we need to maintain top-tier reliability while working toward a cleaner energy future, Susan Gray, TEPs President and CEO, said in the release. These new rates support investments that promote efficient, effective operations, helping us control our long-term costs and reduce our communitys carbon footprint.

TEP will continue to provide increased assistance to low-income customers through its Lifeline program, the release said.

The utility provides electricity to more than 445,000 customers in Southern Arizona.