Fire crews have been working to put out the fire that started after a crash Wednesday afternoon. Crews have managed to hold the fire at 455 acres and have contained 50% based on the latest update. Corey Guerin with the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management said its been difficult for crews to get around the rocky, steep terrain.

Its very rocky where the fire is currently, so its creating a challenge for firefighters to try to get into those rocky areas to make sure the fire is completely out in those areas, said Guerin.

This morning workers and occupants of the area were back to work despite heavy smoke remaining in the area.

The employees at the rest area had been working when they saw the smoke from the fire and found out what had happened.

Three people had gotten out and they didnt know if the other person had made it. Thats when the lady that had gotten hit was in our parking lot, and it was just really crazy and sad, said Krystal Miller.

She said it was hard to watch everything happening right in front of her.

I just want the family to know of the people that have been lost in this accident, I am praying for them, I still am praying for them to heal, said Miller.

Another employee that had witnessed the fire starting was Rosa Orozco. She resides in the home connected to the rest area. She left after asking fire crews on the scene if she should evacuate. She grabbed her dog and what she could of her belongings.

She returned a couple of hours later when she felt it was safe after crews had put out the fire close to the home.

I did have a couple of concerns. My husband went to go check the little bits and fires that were still on, said Orozco.

Orozco said shes now aware of how dangerous it is to be in that position. She wanted to start keeping her personal belongings at her other homes because this wasnt the first fire she had witnessed.

Living in the mountains you dont know when a fires going to start, like when theres going to be an accident, like two years ago lightning struck, she said.

By Thursday evening a crew was finally clearing out after having been there since Wednesday afternoon. They planned to be back the following day. Well update this story as we learn more.