The ‘Southwest Showdown’ is the biggest drag race of the year in Tucson.

After getting the green light, the fastest dragsters can go up to 150 miles per hour.

Race from the “Southwest Showdown”

One of the drivers from Tucson is just 16 years old.

I was 3 years old when I got into a Big Wheel, and when I turned 7, I got into a junior dragster,” Sarah Kidd said. “When I turned 16, I got into my dads Nova.

Her dad, Bill Kidd, is a 2023 track champion at the Tucson Dragway. He said he is thrilled his kids are carrying on his legacy.

“They’re not on video games, she’s out in the garage with me helping build the cars,” Bill Kidd said. “Just a huge sense of pride that they chose to do something I love.”

Kris Whitfield is one of the many racers who came from out of town, driving all the way from Colorado for the Southwest Showdown.

I just want to win, its that simple, Whitfield said.

He says being behind the wheel of a dragster is one of the ultimate challenges in sports.

No matter who you race, where theyre from, its always tough, theres nothing easy about it,” Whitfield said. “It keeps you coming back for more whether you win or lose.

Drivers show up from across the country, and even from Canada and Mexico.

“Both sides of the border showed up pretty healthy this year,” race organizer Chris Forsyth said.

Anna Contreras is from Mexico and has been drag racing for 15 years.

“Everything is on your mind, but it’s focus, focus, focus to win,” Contreras said.

The Tucson Dragway has been open since the 1980s, and Forsyth says it’s one of the best venues in the country to hold a race like the Southwest Showdown.

“The Tucson Dragway gives you the family feel a drag race really should have,” Forsyth said.

A full list of upcoming events at the Tucson Dragway can be seen here.