The City of Tucson recently distributed 3,200 DoorDash vouchers worth $84,000 to 23 local non-profit and civic organizations, benefiting youth, persons with disabilities, families, and older adults.

Mayor Romero expressed her gratitude, stating, “This collaboration will provide credits for our community partners to use to help put food on the table for people, easing the burden of costs and travel. The work of the 23 non-profit community partners receiving these credits, spans from assisting our unhoused neighbors, older adults, people with disabilities, to providing access to healthcare and transportation. The overall goal of this work is to create pathways out of poverty.”

According to the Children’s Defense Fund, among the 74 million children living in the United States, 11 million live in poverty, including 1 in 7 children of color and 1 in 6 children under 5.

DoorDash vouchers worth $25 each will help in the fight against childhood hunger, which is a major issue in the United States, particularly among communities with limited resources, a news release from the City of Tucson said.

We are honored to join forces with organizations working to serve their communities today and every day, DoorDash said in a statement.

The 23 non-profit organizations receiving these vouchers play a crucial role in addressing hunger and poverty in Tucson.

The City of Tucson Housing and Community Development Department provides funding and other support to local hunger relief programs through our non-profit grant programs and other initiatives. We are grateful to expand those offerings through the DoorDash Community Credits program which would not be possible without Mayor Romeros leadership and ongoing commitment to addressing hunger, the generosity of DoorDash, and our extraordinary community of non-profit partners, said Ann Chaneka, HCD Interim Director.