One Tucsonan has taken his passion for art and books to the road with the hopes of helping change kids lives with The Comic Bookmobile.

Frank Powers started The Comic Bookmobile here in Tucson in 2018. Powers has had an interest in art since he was in elementary school and knew he wanted to be a cartoonist or stand-up comedian. He said his job now perfectly combines the two. Eventually he attended art school and then completed a business program at Startup Tucson, which is where his idea was born. Soon after, he was ready to hit the road.

I drive around to schools and public events in my 1969 VW bus, teaching kids how to draw cartoons and believe in themselves, Powers said.

Powers sets up a colorful and interactive station for kids with coloring, reading, drawing lessons, puppet shows and the chance to win prizes. However, his mission is much bigger than that.

A lot of what I do is very anti-bullying, but really the biggest bully is right in here, Powers explained. So a lot of it is mental health and helping these kids realize that they can do it and they can do whatever they want, they just have to set their mind to it.

He has now expanded to posting Youtube videos and hopes to one day have his own TV show.

Now everything Im working toward is an actual television pilot that Im going to pitch,” Powers said.

Powers wants it to be a kids education show similar to Mister Rogers Neighborhood and The Joy of Painting.

All I do is teach these kids that they gotta believe in themselves, so Im trying to be the example and really lead by example by chasing that dream still and having this thing go and grow even bigger so its not just in Tucson, its nationwide, Powers said.

Library events are some of his favorite and most rewarding to do. Upcoming events he plans to be at are Tucson Festival of Books and Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention at Casino del Sol.