The Garden Kitchen is extending an invitation to the community to participate in hands-on cooking classes featuring fresh produce right from their garden.

They aim to promote healthy eating habits and sustainable food practices through their cooking classes, which are open to everyone in the community.

We are a seed-to-table program, so we talk a lot about backyard gardening, organizational gardening, and community gardeningthose kinds of things, said Jenn Parlin, assistant agent at The Garden Kitchen. We always focus on seasonality and our cooking, and talking about if you want to garden, how are you going to use those things in the garden? But if you dont have a garden, how are you going to use things from the farmers market that are seasonal, or how can we have more local foods in our diet?

The classes also teach the community about nutritional health, whether its produce from your home garden or from a local farmers market.

Parlin also mentioned how having an at-home garden is not only good for having fresh produce on hand, but it can also benefit your mental health.

The Garden Kitchen hosts a variety of cooking classes each week for everyone in the community.