The pastors and congregations of the two historic churches that were destroyed in last week’s fires are moving forward after the tragedy.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and First Presbyterian Church held their routine Sunday services this past weekend despite losing their sanctuaries. Caleb Collins, pastor of St. Stephen’s, said more than 100 people attended the Douglas service in Bisbee on Sunday which was encouraging to the Douglas congregation.

The important thing is there is a future,” Collins said of the church. “Its not a question is there a future for St. Stephens, the question is…what will it look like. What will any future development look like.

Right now, it’s too soon for the church leaders to be talking about plans for the reconstruction of the churches. Collins and co-pastor of First Presbyterian Church James Martin said they are still working with their respective denomination leadership and the insurance companies.

Martin said no one can enter First Presbyterian because asbestos was found inside the building. He said it will take four weeks for the asbestos to be cleared and having it removed is he and the church leadership’s priority right now.

It is going to be a slow process,” Martin said. “Really even just finding out what can be saved…and rebuilt. Were just waiting on a lot of details still.

Boards have been placed in the windows of the building and the City of Douglas put an orange fence around the buildings to help with securing the remains from the public. Collins said the Episcopal Church will put more fencing around the property as an added safety measure and to keep people from wandering on the property.

The churches were destroyed by fires last Monday and Tuesday. Investigations into the cause of the fire by the Douglas Fire Department, Douglas Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives lead to the arrest of Eric Ridenour. The investigation documents said the fires were intentionally caused making it an arson case.